Living Beautifully Compendium No1.

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Design commentator Alan Moore talks about his first “Compendium of beautiful things” on Medium.
Alan Moore is the author of  Do Design – Why beauty is key to everything.

“Beautiful things are prepared with love.

Beautiful experiences lift the human spirit. They say, optimistically, life is worthwhile. If we can be more beautiful in our thoughts and in our actions, we can learn to live and work more beautifully. We’ve all had enough of ugly.

This is the first ‘Living Beautifully Compendium’. It shows people striving to deliver truth, meaning and authenticity through beautiful products, experiences and solutions.

This compendium explores beauty beyond the superficial; things beautifully made with the latest technology or uniquely handcrafted, buildings that are beautiful in their conception and construction, food grown and cooked which is restorative and sensual, beautiful experiences and culture that nourish one’s soul…all, Living Beautifully.

I’ve made this list through writing my book and with the help of friends. If you believe something to be beautiful please be touch so we can share it with the world.”

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