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Important Server Rack Details You Should Know

by Mona Evans

Suntec is a china-based server enclosure manufacturer. The company is reputed for producing some of the best network cabinets and server racks in the Chinese industry. Suntec hires a team of experienced professionals to design and build its numerous types, size, and designs of server racks. This post provides essential server rack details for new buyers.

What is a server rack?

A server rack is a structure built for holding and organizing IT equipment. IT companies and data centers often use plenty of equipment because their operations require more than one hardware function. Server racks are used to keep all this equipment organized and ensure proper control over the airflow.

What is a server rack cabinet?

Server racks and server rack cabinets are often confused with each other. Some people assume that they refer to the same thing. This is understandable because a server rack cabinet is also used to hold IT equipment. However, the difference is that a server rack cabinet is usually enclosed on all sides. It comes with front and rear doors, and panels on each side. Therefore, a server rack cabinet can also be referred to as an enclosed rack.

Types of server racks

The market features the following types of server racks;

  • Open server racks– these racks contain mounting rails and no sides or doors. They feature an open-air structure. They feature different sizes and are usually bolted to the floor for better stability. They are common in server rooms that do not require physical security and those that need ample airflow control.
  • Enclosed server racks– also known as server rack cabinets-have a front and rear door. They also have side panels and four adjustable vertical rails for mounting. The doors and panels have locking mechanisms that provide ample security. The downside to these server racks is that they do not offer a cooling effect.

Advantages of server racks

Server racks are trendy products on the market. This is because they offer the following advantages:

1. Security

Enclosed server racks typically offer this advantage. These server racks are usually covered all-round. They have an enclosed roof, side panels, rear, and front doors. These elements enhance the security of the server racks. They protect the IT equipment from accidental damage and theft. They also help prevent unauthorized access to the equipment.

2. Better airflow

Enclosed server racks also make it easy for you to control the airflow within the rack. This is because most server rack manufacturers use vented side panels and roof panels. They allow for front to rear airflow. Some also come with fan compartment units that help with heat control.

3. Easy troubleshooting

Using server racks means that all your equipment will be organized and well stored. This means that you will enjoy easier time troubleshooting issues and handling them when they occur. You also get easy access to your equipment hence allowing effortless problem handling.


Note that the advantages and downsides of server racks usually differ from one type to the next. For instance, enclosure server racks are great for security but do not allow efficient airflow. On the other hand, open server racks are great for airflow but not as good with security.

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