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What’s new on FIFA 21 career mode?

by Mona Evans

Whether you are playing the game on PS4 or PS5, the thrill remains the same. Most players prefer to learn how to buy FIFA coins 21 and play the FIFA ultimate team than career mode. EA SPORTS, the producers of the game have decided to put more focus on FIFA 21 career mode. This is to increase traction to the aspect of the game that has often been criticized.

There are some new features incorporated into the game that makes it more exciting and fun. Over the years, FIFA career mode has not seen any major upgrade just little adjustments. It is not as popular as FIFA’s ultimate team where one can compete online, get players and form your dream team within the transfer market.

In this article, we will be reviewing some of the new features of the FIFA 21 career mode.

New features on FIFA 21 career mode

The adjustments made to FIFA career mode have made the game smoother and faster. These features include,

Interactive simulator

With the interactive simulator on FIFA 21, you can take a break from the conventional way of watching football and get an aerial view. Matches play out with a speed double that of the regular game. In the simulator, managers can make decisions quickly such as having a substitute player, etc. It is also easy for managers to see the effect of their decisions as it is carried out on the field.

Match moments that are not relevant are skipped automatically to enable you to focus on the important moments.

New active training

With this new feature, training now counts for something. Training on FIFA 21 focuses mainly on the active growth of your players on a long-term basis. The new active training on FIFA 21 allows you to pick any day on your calendar as a training day. However, it has to on days that there are no matches.

Player development

This feature on FIFA 21 enables you to build your squad and make use of them when the opportunity arises. Players can specialize in different playing positions and attributes that fit them.

A player’s growth is determined by XP accumulation. Players can gain or lose growth XP by how well they perform in their matches or their ability to grow.

Player sharpness

Player sharpness on FIFA 21 career mode is a feature that indicates the readiness of a player or team for a match. The main features of a sharp player are boosted to enable them to perform better on the pitch. The range of sharpness is from 0 to 100. At 50, it is average.

Team schedule planning

On FIFA 21 career mode, this feature puts you in control of what your players do daily in every season. That way, you will be able to manage their fitness levels, sharpness, and morale. This enables you to build your team for long-term success.

Established Youth academy

You would not have to set up the Youth academy manually once you take on the manager of a club. The club hires a youth scout and recruits some players already into the Youth academy. However, the number varies.

These among others are some of the new features of FIFA 21 career mode.

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