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Things To Know Before You Buy FUT 22 Coins

by Mona Evans
FUT 22 coins + buy FUT 22 coins

FIFA is a legendary series of association football video games. The developers of FIFA release new versions each year. So far, there are 22 FIFA versions in the overall FIFA series. The game is played in more than 51 countries, and it is available in around 18 languages. FIFA has become so famous and legendary that it is listed in the Guinness World Book of Records as the best-selling and most successful sports video game franchise globally. The game features in-game currencies known as FUT coins, and each version features a unique currency. The latest version uses FUT 22 coins. This post looks at things you should know when you buy FUT 22 coins.

How to get coins in the game

One of the best things about the FIFA series is that you can gain the coins organically within the game. For instance, you can earn the coins by playing matches within the game. For example, you can earn coins by completing squad-building challenges. Note that not all challenges within the game offer coins as rewards. Therefore, it would be wise to choose a challenge with rewards. You can also earn FUT 22 coins by selling cards and trading players with other gamers. While all these methods of earning FUT coins are highly effective, it may take a long time to acquire enough coins to use for various reasons. This is where buying FIFA coins come in.

Why do you need FUT 22 coins

There are numerous ways you can apply FUT coins within the game. Below are the common uses of FUT 22 coins in the FIFA sports video game;

1. Purchasing players

Understand that FIFA is a sports video game. This means that gamers use players while playing the game. Therefore, one of the primary uses of FUT coins in the game is purchasing players. The game allows you to purchase new players and create your team. Note that the price for purchasing the players may differ depending on their skills and position. Note that you can also trade players with other FIFA players.

2. Purchasing packs and other items

You can also use the coins to purchase packs and upgrade your gaming experience. For instance, you can complete different challenges by redeeming your FUT coins.

3. Buying gear for your team

You can also use FUT 22 coins to buy gear, like shoes, t-shirts, and safety gear for the players on your team.

Where to buy FUT 22 coins

There are four ways through which you can purchase the coins. They are:

  • Through the official FUT store- this is the best and safest place to purchase these coins
  • The console store- you can also purchase FUT coins from the official console store.
  • Physical cards- you can also use physical cards at retailers that allow you to redeem for FIFA points
  • Trusted retailers- you can also purchase FUT coins through trusted retailers. Most of these retailers are found online


Purchasing FUT coins from trusted retailers is relatively easy. However, the hardest part is finding a retailer that you can trust. This may take some effort, but ita worth it to avoid getting scammed.  

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