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Trailer Tracker and Why do you need it?

by Mona Evans

GPS monitoring for vehicles is well-known, and you might just already considering or using a fleet monitoring system. But then what about those assets that aren’t vehicles? Trailers are as vital as vehicles and their drivers, yet they’re sometimes more difficult to track down. Now that you understand the value of the trailers you own, it’s essential to use the Trailer Tracking Device to secure it and the goods within.

Trailer Tracking

Trailer tracking is the technique of using a trailer tracking device to monitor the cargo of vehicles. Tracking may be done in a variety of methods, including using Fleet Monitor or a smartphone app. Trailer tracking may assist you with Maintenance work, freight security, timely shipments, vehicle routing, and boosting productivity and trailer efficiency.

Trailer Tracker and How It Works

A trailer tracker consists of hardware that automatically tracks trailers and application that collects data. The system can be fully charged by batteries, solar panels, or the transport system’s 12v DC power supply. Trailer trackers are mounted to the trailers and connect with the security tools through GPS signals. The system, on either side, acts as the data receiver. It visually translates the signals from trailer tracking devices and displays your vehicle’s precise position (via Location information), regardless of whether it’s moving or not.

Advantages of Trailer Tracking

The following are the advantages of using a trailer tracker for your business:

  1. It has improved Asset security. Trailer tracker can provide you with real-time, 24-hour insight into the position of your trailers, particularly where they’ve been seen if they are robbed. This makes it easier for you, as well as the officials, to locate your trailer and robbers. Real-time monitoring also aids in the prevention of unlawful vehicle use.
  1. The use of trailer tracking equipment can help you reduce the amount of time your trailer spends in detention. With trailer trackers, you may generate detention time statistics, identify inefficient shippers and recipients, and figure out how to better manage dwell periods.
  1. Operations have been simplified by using trailer trackers. Trailer tracking aids in the optimization of logistics and other related tasks. For instance, you can allocate vehicles to certain areas for pickups or delivery services.
  1. When a truck breaks down, trailer monitoring allows rescuers to arrive sooner. Send your vehicle emergency service provider to your vehicle’s position, as displayed within the trailer tracking system, and they’ll come the shortest way.
  1. Trailer tracking helps you to maximize the efficiency of your whole fleet. Locate trailers that have been idle for a long time and immediately reintroduce them into service. To minimize expensive maintenance and downtime, select trailers which are used frequently and plan routine preventive maintenance.

Features of Most Effective Trailer Tracking Systems

Look for the following characteristics to get the finest trailer tracker.

  • Actual position monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Detection of thievery
  • The installation process should be simple.
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Capacity for immediate reporting
  • Connect to mapping services like Google Maps.
  • History details should also be available.

Another aspect to consider is the trailer tracker’s scalability. When your business expands, so will the business’s needs. If your business grows, you’ll need a trailer tracking system that can readily scale in respect of functionalities.

To summarise, trailer trackers are critical to your company’s success. Now that you know how crucial it is, it’s time to buy one if it meets your needs.

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