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The Different Types of IPTV Apps That You Can Find On Android

by Mona Evans

With the rise in the popularity of IPTV services, there’s been a need for most Android users to adopt IPTV boxes. IPTV apps for Android boxes come with lots of benefits and it includes having easy access to some TV and other video content. In other words, they make life easier.

If you’re an Android user who hopes to get a share of these benefits, then stick to this guide as we take you through the top IPTV apps roundup to consider getting.

Best IPTV Apps for Android Box

1. Perfect Player IPTV

The first IPTV app that we’d be looking at is the perfect Player IPTV. For an easy stream of videos, you can trust this app as it’s one of the most perfect IPTV media players. After updating your playlist, you wouldn’t want to go over the channel settings. This app features more advanced management for your channel list that prevents the removal of the settings on your channel. Also, it shows a semi-transparent menu as well as an info feature. If you wish to activate several playlists alongside an EPG at the same time, you can trust to make it happen with this app. M3U, udpxy server, XSPF playlist, etc are other features of this IPTV app.

2. LiveNet TV

If you’ve been an Android user, then you must have come across LiveNet TV. This is mostly because of how popular it’s been. Not only does it work on Android phones, but it also functions fine when used on Amazon FireTvstick. Using this app means that you do not have to worry about your local Tv Shows as well as movies anymore.

In this app, you get to find a neat user interface that is also easy to operate. Also, it’s possible to host some of the Tv Live Channels even if they feature different genres. In LiveNet TV, you can host TV programs such as movies, sports, entertainment, news, etc.

3. Lazy IPTV

Another android app that can be used for easy streaming of videos Is the Lazy IPTV app. For streaming movies, TV shows, and some other types of video-based content, you can trust this app; all you need to make it functions is your internet connection. It features an audio player that allows you to play songs from the internet radio. Also, for UDP, HTTP streams, or some other videos from youtube, this may be your best bet.

However, if you seek an IPTV that supports an in-built player feature, then this isn’t the best for you. M3U playlist, Zip, UDP proxy, etc are all allowed on this app.

4. Mobdro

If you love to have unlimited access to a variety of Video content genres, then you should probably consider mobdro. It features content such as music, movies, sports, entertainment, anime, gaming, and other types of valuable content. You get to see lots of your most favorite TV shows up for downloads.

In addition to that, it features not less than 10 languages from different places. This means that you are free to choose or download content that best suits your language preference. It’s an easy-to-use interface that is suitable for every beginner; no login or registration is required before you can get started.


Everyone who loves to watch movies or any form of video-based content needs an IPTV. It helps you solve your video needs. With the rate at which it’s growing, IPTV will become the future of television.

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