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Is taking a power bank on a plane allowed?

by Mona Evans

Power banks are the absolute best. Sometimes, you just wonder how you survived before the power bank was created. Regardless, a power bank is often the savior in dire situations. However, there’s one situation where you might have to be more selective of your usual savior. That is when using an airplane.

Batterie externe are often scrutinized when flying. This is all down to security reasons. In certain situations, you might not even be allowed to use a power bank on the plane. This article will explain what type of power banks are allowed on a plane.

What you should know before taking a power bank on a plane

1. Power Banks cannot be carried as cargo

So, here’s the first thing you should know. Power banks cannot be carried as cargo on airplanes. The rationale for this is quite simple. Most power banks are going to have cells created from lithium. These cells have a high possibility of going boom while on the plane. For that reason, most power banks are strictly prohibited from the cargo area of the plane.

So, if you plan on traveling with a power bank, you cannot keep it among your luggage.

2. Power Banks as hand luggage

Generally, power banks are allowed to be carried in the hand luggage of passengers. However, some rules guide this procedure. First, the power bank must be your own. Carrying power banks for commercial purposes is really not allowed.

The rated power of the power bank must also be considered. Generally, airplanes do not require express permission to be given for power banks with a rated power of 100 and below. However, anything more than that will have to be checked with the airline authorities. This is especially true if you intend to travel in or out of China.

Any more than 160 might not be allowed on the aircraft.

3. When would you need a power bank?

If you are still contemplating how to get your power bank on an airplane, you might want to consider when you really need a power bank. If you are not going to spend a lot of time waiting for adjoining flights, then it might not be necessary.

You should only go with a power bank when you might not get access to a power source anytime soon. If you are also going to a country where power outages is the norm, then you should totally get a power bank.

Power banks can be gotten in stores around the country. You can also get power banks in online stores such as Ali Express. Regardless of where you get yours, just make sure it’s of the highest quality.


Power banks are extremely important when going on trips. It’s a good way to keep your phone working against the odds. However, knowing the type of power banks accepted on the plane will make your life much easier.

It will also give you a good idea of the type of power bank you should aim for.

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