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Five Facts About FIFA 21 Coins

by Mona Evans

FIFA 21 Coins are the accepted currency for trading in the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. It is one of the best soccer games available on different platforms. Every day, gamers manage their Ultimate Teams by buying and selling players, items, and packs. This makes coins a really important aspect of the game. With the wrong moves, you can get yourself permanently banned from the game. Here are five things everyone should know about FIFA coins.

Five Facts About FIFA Coins

  1. It is a Virtual Currency for FIFA 21

FIFA 21 Coins can be used to build a formidable FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT). With these coins, you can buy any choice of players to assemble your ideal FIFA Team. They are the virtual currency used to purchase player packs, containing a random combination of players, club items, consumables, and staff. These features are meant to enhance your gaming experience. Lastly, they can be used to pay for some FUT entries like the Draft Mode Entry.

  1. FIFA 21 Coins cannot be bought, sold, or transferred

Electronic Arts (EA) is the developer of the novel FIFA games. In its Terms of Service, EA states that it is illegal to sell, transfer, or buy FIFA coins. Using any method to transfer coins from a FIFA Ultimate Team account to any other account is forbidden by EA. The penalty for engaging in such illicit activities is a permanent ban on the accounts involved by EA Sports. However, FIFA 21 coins can be earned from selling items from the FIFA Transfer Market, following EA’s terms of service.

  1. FIFA 21 Coins do not have a fixed value

If you are eager to gather more FIFA coins without going through the legal process of earning them, you will need to check out their selling rates. The value of a single FIFA coin (in dollars) is about $0.0002. However, there is no fixed amount because buying and selling coins this way is considered illegal. Different sellers offer FIFA Coins at different rates.

  1. These five methods can earn you Legal FIFA 21 Coins

Most people tend to buy FIFA coins because of the hard work involved in earning them legally. The following methods can be used to earn coins

  • Selling tradeable items like playing cards and consumables via the transfer market.
  • Selling items through the FIFA Quick Sell Option. With this method, you can quickly sell items at a cheaper rate.
  • Playing matches can earn you coins, depending on your performance and the competitiveness of the match.
  • Completing objectives will help you earn coins too. There are a variety of objectives available on FIFA 2020.
  • Claiming rewards is a popular method that favors all users. With the FUT web app, you can enjoy rewards like coins and packs.
  1. It cannot be Carried Over

The last thing to know about your FIFA 21 coins is that it does not transfer when you upgrade to FIFA 21. However, some other items like the FIFA Points, Ultimate Team Club Profile, XP level, and FIFA Credits are usually carried over from past upgrades.

Sadly, your achievements and trophies, unopened packs and unassigned items, Ultimate Team club data and records, progress and division levels, coins, and cards cannot be transferred to the upgraded FIFA Version.


As the FIFA game gets more popular, gamers have sorted out quicker ways to get coins for the best gaming experience. That is why EA places a lot of importance on FIFA 21 coins. This article contains 5 major things anyone should know about these coins.

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