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What Day is the Huawei Developer Day?

by Mona Evans

Huawei mobile and digital industry have made a mark in the modern-day tech scene. With their creation of the Huawei Developers` platform, app developers from various parts of the globe have achieved even more success than they initially deemed possible. However, one of the most dreaded bugaboos of the modern-day app developer is being left behind. Times are rapidly changing and technological trends are frequently and unpredictably changing. Hence, the responsibility to follow and keep abreast with these rapidly evolving trends inadvertently falls on the figurative shoulders of the app developer. But fret not, Huawei always comes through for its customers. This is evident in the release and improvement of the wallet SDK feature made available by Huawei. This need to be informed led to the creation of the Huawei Developer Day.

About the Huawei Developer Day

The Huawei developer day also known as the HDD is now a worldwide affair to a large extent. From Africa to Europe and on many other continents, Huawei is bringing app developers together. This developer day by Huawei was built by Huawei to facilitate core and detailed communication between developers around the world.

Using this developer day as a medium, developers around the world are informed of the latest tech trends and practices in the mobile phone industry. This way, the experts have an audience with which they could share essential information. While the newer members equally have a listening audience with which they could share their theories and ideas.

With this platform, the results would always be positive. The most obvious advantage is that end users all around the world get to enjoy up-to-date app features and advancements. Huawei and developers use this medium to ensure that they are giving their end-users the possible best (in the mobile app industry) at all times.

Recent Locations for the Huawei Develop Day

The developer day is being or has been hosted in various continents. But for this article, we will be outlining the most recent events. If any events are coming up in these locations, we will also be mentioning that.

  • Europe: The largest amount of activity concerning developer day events seems to hold in Europe.

The events began on the 17th of May in 2019 and ended on the 16th of December, 2019 in Russia.

  • Asia: Events here spanned from the 16thof April in 2019 in India and rounded up in the same year on the 19th of December in Japan. For instance, Malaysia hosted the very first Huawei Developer Day in the Asia Pacific region on the 20th of September, 2019. At the event, 45 developers associated with the leading enterprises locally attended. They made reasonable input about the HMS ecosystem.
  • Middle East: the activities in the region occurred in the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. From the 7thof October to the 19th of November in 2019.
  • Africa: the event in the region occurred in South Africa on the 21stof November.
  • Latin America: from November the 5th (in Mexico) to December 16thin El Salvador, events were held.


Although this year is somewhat slow, improvements are still being made. Keep track of the next HDD in your region. As a developer, you will not be disappointed.

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