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What Is Huawei’s In-App Purchases?

by Mona Evans

Huawei’s newest in-app purchases or IAP opens a new door for multiple payment methods where users can utilize especially for global payments. It has better reach and more improved access for amazing Huawei apps. This feature can be easily integrated into your app with lesser fuss to ensure that you as a developer will have an increase in revenue.

Huawei users can now purchase unlimited variety of its products and services on just one tap of their finger. These cool apps include common virtual products and subscriptions for you to enjoy all day long. Take note, these apps are only available on Huawei AppGallery which makes their apps more unique and set apart.

There are three types of in-app products that you can avail with Huawei. Here are the following in-app products supported by Huawei IAP:

Consumable products and services

The consumable products and services is something that a user can purchase just once. When used by the user for an app, it will be depleted after consuming it. However, you can repurchase the same product and services again once you’ve already used up the rest of the consumables.

One good example is when you’re playing with a Huawei game app. For you to play you need to have a good amount of lives, weapons and other things. If you run out on one of those, you will need to purchase new ones so you can keep playing. These extra lives and weapons in the games are considered as consumable products and services.

Non-consumable products and services

Huawei also has non-consumable products and services that users can enjoy for a long period of time. These are usually purchased only for one time and can already be used as long as you have that app since it doesn’t expire. You will always have that product or service as long as you’re a Huawei member and hold the same smartphone.

An example would be a permanent membership for a service or availing extra levels to play for a game app. These types of in-app purchases don’t expire and stay with you as long as you have the app. Unlike the consumable products that expires once used, this one doesn’t and you can keep using it for a good amount of time. The good thing about it is when purchasing a certain product or service, you’ll get more exclusive access compared to other users who did not avail the extras.

Auto-renewable subscriptions

For these types of in-app purchases, users can have access to certain value-added functions or content in a limited period of time. It’s quite the same as non-consumable, however for this one the user can only enjoy the products in a specific time frame. Subscriptions for a product or service will be automatically renewed by Huawei if allowed by the user.

For example, you can subscribe for a monthly membership of a certain app and just pay for that month. You may opt to extend for another month or end your subscription instead. This option has more flexibility and reach for other apps that you don’t need for a long time.

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